How to Get the Best Rates on Health Insurance in Michigan

Women in Michigan can rest assured that if they have health insurance, they are automatically eligible for a yearly mammogram after the age of forty. This is important and should be taken advantage of. However, in order to benefit from it a health insurance plan first needs to be purchased. This means finding the best rates on a plan that offers everything the individual and their family needs.

Utilizing available discounts and cost saving measures is the best way to secure a low rate. One way to do this is to have a higher than average deductible on the policy. Obviously this isn’t suggested for someone who is already under the care of a physician and must make regular weekly or monthly trips to see him or her. However, if a person is purchasing a health insurance plan and they are in good health and rarely seek out medical care, a higher deductible will mean money saved in lower rates.

Trying to hide your medical history may result in a lower quoted rate but it won’t result in a lower priced policy. It’s best to always be as forthright as possible in terms of what, if any, pre-existing conditions you have. Before any health insurance policy is written, the insured’s health history is investigated, so don’t try and conceal it.

Quitting smoking and losing weight will also result in lower health insurance premiums. Many companies in Michigan also offer a percentage discount for clients who maintain a gym membership. You want your health insurance company to view you as a good risk, so maintain good health.

Each time your health insurance policy comes up for renewal seek out new quotes from competing insurance companies. Prices fluctuate and you may be able to secure a much better rate by switching to another insurer.